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mkiii enfield wood

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Picked up this Enfield. It's a good looking rifle. Got a few dings in the stock, but nothing I'm worried about. It adds to the character. It looks like the

Lee-Enfield Rifle No.2 Mk.IV* and .22RF.
Enfield 38 Caliber Revolver Enfield No. 1 Mk. III* 1916 - YouTube
The Lee-Enfield bolt-action, magazine -fed, repeating rifle was the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first
Lee Enfield MKIII - posted in Miscellaneous: Morning All.I have a 1918 Lee Enfield with the following markings on it. Would any thoughtful person have any insight as
  • Enfield SMLE Mk III for sale (933861517).

  • 10 round, .311 caliber 174 grain FMJBT. Manufacture date of 1917 in Great Brittan. 100% Original and matching, all matching numbers, including complete

    mkiii enfield wood

    1917 WWI British Lee Enfield No.1 Mk III.

    Lee-Enfield - Wikipedia, the free.

    1944 ShtLE (Short Lee-Enfield) No.1.

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    mkiii enfield wood

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    Enfield SMLE Mk III for sale in category Enfield Rifle offered by OTArmory ( 933861517 )
    Mk zu Spitzenpreisen. Jetzt bei OTTO bestellen!
    Enfield #1 Mark 3

    British Enfield No.I Mk.III* 1918 FTR.

    This is a British Enfield NO.I Mk.III* rifle. The rifle is dated 1918. The rifle's bolt, receiver, nose cap, front wood and even the magazine match! The rear sight

    1917 WWI British Lee Enfield No.1 Mk III.
    1944 ShtLE (Short Lee-Enfield) No.1 MkIII* Infantry Rifle
    Lee Enfield MKIII - Miscellaneous - Great.

    British Lee Enfield No.I Mk.III* Dated. .